Handmade glazed tiles

Available in a big variety of colors and matrixes, achieved with the manual glazing, the glazed floors and coatings have a great possibilitie for creating unique spaces. Each piece is unique, and the beauty of the glazed tiles depends precisely of this small shade variations between pieces.
The tiles are manufactured in a spinneret and after drying they are baked for the first time. Only after when they are baked and selected, to separate those that have defect, it follows for the manual glazing.
The glaze used in the tiles is composed of a colorless glaze(silica, aluminum, lead, sodium, zinc and potassium), opacified with tin (7%) and to which is added feldspar and kaolin (5%). The various raw materials are ground, weighed and mixed with water, after leaving the mixture to rest in order to achieve a better finish. Click here to view our Portfolio

Available colours

Available formats