Discount Products

Here are some business opportunities for those who like to buy cheaper. So we have different cases, all of them quite advantageous for those seeking rustic materials at the best price. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Handmade Terracotta floor tiles

Tiles that remain from orders that were not collected in it’s totally. Now they are sold below the normal asking price, is approximately the manufacturing price. Most of these tiles have unusual sizes measures, enabling to make very original works and arrangements.

tijoleira octognal 30x30 2
Tijoleira octognal 30x30
tijoleira 22x15x3
Tijoleira 22x15x3
tijolo nice 23x9x3
Tijolo nice 23x9x3

Old floor tiles

With dozens of years, that weren’t used and others that have been harnessed in demolitions, renovations, etc.. All in very good condition, they are ideal to apply in old houses, farms, hills, etc.. Among these we have the old “tijolo Burro” bricks with a considerably larger measure, as was done in that time: 29×14, 5×6 cm, very rare pieces, which are no longer manufactured today.

Terracota 13x13 cm1
tijolo antigo 20x11x4
Tijolo antigo 20x11x4
tijolo burro antigo 29x145x6 cm
Tijolo burro antigo 29x145x6 cm

2nd choice tiles

Result of the selection we make during our manufacturing process. Some have small cracks are peeling or not quite right. You can still do very interesting work with this material: Paths, terraces, garages, etc.. Most of these bricks are 30×15 cm or 30×30 cm.

Ref 201 Ladrilho 30x15 com riscas 2ª Escolha
Tijoleira 30x30 cm 2ª
Rodapé 30x75 2ª sem riscas

Darker Tiles

Tiles that during the baking process were subjected to excessive temperatures, so they were darker than desired, now being sold below the normal price. Note that in this case these bricks have a higher resistance making them ideal for large spaces subject to wear, heavy vehicles passing by, etc..

Ladrilhos 30x15 Escuros

Santa Catarina roof tile

With imperfections: small chips on the surface caused by the existing limestone in the clay. Despite having an excellent baking process, these tiles are sold at a lower price because they have small defects. Still is a good solution for those looking for a traditional and typical Portuguese roof.

Telhas Santa Catarina 2ª 2
Telhas Santa Catarina 2ª

Handmade Hydraulic cement tiles

In small quantities for each model. Whenever we produce tiles for a new order, we need to produce extra pieces for preventing any unexpected issue along in the manufacturing process. At the end of the process we always end up with some spare tiles, ideal for small arrangements, decorations or creating mixed panels.

Stock mais recente
Mosaicos com vários padrões
Painel Mosaicos Diversos 3
Painel Mosaicos Diversos
Painel Mosaicos Diversos 2 4
Patchwork Mosaicos Diversos

Traditional Old Pottery Pieces

With different sizes and formats, from potteries that have been closed for several years. Ideal for home decoration, patio, garden, etc. Some already with the marks of the time, are pieces that at the moment are not produced anymore, reason why they constitute an original decorative element.

Olaria 3
Olaria 2